Through the Dirt

by Antler House

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released May 3, 2014

All songs written and performed by Antler House
Sean Anderson (vocals, acoustic guitar, bass)
John Johnson (electric guitar, banjo, vocals)
John McCabe (drums, vocals)

Produced by Mike Hoffmann
Mixed and recorded by Mike Hoffmann and Sean Anderson
Released via Delaware House Records



all rights reserved


Antler House Milwaukee, Wisconsin

Antler House is a Milwaukee-based band consisting of Sean Anderson (vocals, acoustic guitar, bass), John Johnson (electric guitar, banjo, vocals), and John McCabe (drums, vocals). "Through the Dirt", their debut album, was released on May 3rd, 2014 under Delaware House Records. ... more

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Track Name: Ark Set for the Skies
An unknown captain of our ship today
He's got a plan to keep us all safe
Every human being will be paired off in twos before getting shipped away
And what of the things that get left behind
Those people no one will remember
Claiming there's no room left on board
and leave them forever treading water, oh what a slaughter
Throw them each a shovel, point them to an open patch of grass
Meanwhile hanging safely over furious planets of gas
Oh to detach, on an ark set for the skies
Enjoying our ride up through outer space
just checking out all the real estate
Putting prices on the planets when we don’t even know
if the air is safe to breathe
well the oxygen is such a relief
throw me overboard
No room for sinners up in space
just see the shame upon their face
we'll break the clouds and tear the sky
we'll leave the holy land behind
in our ark set for the sky
Track Name: On the Rocks
Finding myself where I used to be quite often
the sky would shut off but we'd stay on the rocks just talking
like shells in the sand helplessly waiting for something
for the waves to take them someplace else to lie and wait
the lake chews me up, spits me out, breaks me down
like the rocks we all sit on
and sometimes it gets sour
it sometimes sells itself away
ignoring it is such a crime
a balloon in the waves
I try to relieve my stress by doing things called normal
and I think to my past, I found values in my troubles
wonder was a god, an endless well inside the earth
but this lake stayed the same, a medium for our dynamic brains
is someone sneaking in the bushes
or is that just my past again
coming here to get away
oh I see some things will never change
oh I try to get away
Track Name: Say Goodnight
In a world where you don’t recognize your own downfall
say goodnight, say goodnight
giving up on another thing that you haven't tried
saying what's the point of it all, please show me the point
common sense just doesn’t register when you're down this deep
ten scoops at a time, someone throw him a line
when you floated up to the ceiling
yeah I thought it was cool, my room thought it was too
and when I fell through the floor, I fell right THROUGH THE DIRT
I just can't stand the sight of those flashing red lights
the neighbors came to gaggle
excitement on the lawns, and I just can't watch
Track Name: Where You Can Run
We keep you all cooped up inside
from your window you watch the world go by
and when I'm leaving, I'm always leaving in your eyes
you stare me down like it's our final goodbye
someday I'll take you out of state
where you can run for miles a day
We all know it, all feel your need to be free
I see your legs twitching while you daydream
I want to sprint just as bad and have no walls to stop me
a million miles and roads don’t add up to one land and one sea
someday I'll take you out of state
where you can run for miles a day
but if we're soil before we can
let's keep our legs and just say we ran
but for now, you'll stay inside
Track Name: New Blood
Oh how, oh how you built an empire
you left, you left us in the dust
you wanted new blood
better than the old ones
remember when you cast your brother aside
on that day you swallowed your one pride
you wanted new brains
tired of the same
Track Name: Blank Photo Album
The pier left cracked
and the fences still standing
should we have left it
where the sad man drove off
and the bright lights that scared us
should something have been done
now it's all fixed up
with a thinker on the bluff
let him protect us
let him watch over our sand
when the doomed girl nearly drowned
and the sunken ship was found
did someone write that down
when I blacked out
and we walked to the other bay
I'll never forget this blank photo album
now it's all fixed up
with a thinker on the bluff
let him protect us
let him watch over our sand
let the older more tangled up fingers
take back what they think they can work for
rip the past right from under our forbidden feet
I guess it was just their property
Track Name: Little Monsters
The creatures in the dark try to nibble on my feet
but my toes are made of metal, let them crack and break their teeth
I'm not scared of you anymore
the longest days were the days I was afraid
I was afraid
everybody's running from their own monster
sometimes I say things that I don’t believe
I see things no one else can see
sometimes I can be such an ass
there's little monsters inside of me
the squirrels give me a hard time and the badgers flash their teeth
they tell all their furry friends to come get me while I sleep
but my nervous days are all behind
the longest nights were the nights I was afraid
I was afraid
Track Name: On Your Side
You don't have to act like anybody else
You're from your own time
where they dance but dont fight
you do what feels right
But still you act like everybody's watching your every move
and still you act like no one else is on your side
But you're dead wrong
Cant you see the world is laughing with you
You're god damn wrong
the people here are on your side
You dont have to pretend like this is gonna be fun
I jumped the gun
got blocked by your shadow while seeking out the sun
We get along like pickles in a barrel
I know you dont think that our lives are in constant peril

I know that you know
And it hurts to know
No ones listening
And i know that its known
You don't change you gotta go
Just leave the backdoor open
I know that you know
Yeah its nice to know
That your are on my side
Track Name: Real Things
The doggy ran away again
But we don’t tell the children, we don’t wanna worry them
The protector of your crib is just on an extended vacation
We don’t wanna bother him
We’re living in a world that we can’t describe to others
So we tell each other lies
All wrapped up inside our own demise
We don’t let each other inside
And we tell our mother lies
The lion escaped from the basement, but we don’t tell the neighbors
We don’t wanna bother them
I’m at a loss of what to say again, but I don’t let it show
I run my tongue through the bone, I run my tongue through the bone
We’re living in a world that we can’t describe to others
So we tell each other lies
Protective of our jar of fireflies
We don’t let each other inside, and we tell each other lies
No sense in lying all the time
No use in talking about dying
Shut your mouth just turn on the TV
If you don’t wanna hear about real things happening
Track Name: Underdog
I don’t need to punch through walls
I don’t need to run a marathon
I aint got nothing to prove to you
The underdogs are clawing at the gate
Barking, howling, planning their escape
And they’re tired, they’re tired of being abused
We’ll show them
That we’ve got heart
And we’ll be loud
When we break out
You don’t need to talk me down
Little devils are flying out my mouth
My friend got lost and beat down by your group of clowns
Pretty deep when you get upset
Stammering over your alphabet
Lets get our decency back, you’re making all of us look like crap
We’ll show them that we’ve got heart and we’ll be loud when we break out
I want nothing, I want nothing, I want nothing
Nothing to do with you